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After many long nights and early mornings, your script is finally done. You've chopped out characters, put them back in, changed names, switched genres, and cut lots of lines for the sake of time. Now, you just have to ask, "Is it ready to hit the market?" Debi Calabro is here to help you answer that question.

As a script consultant and professional writer, she fully analyzes your script from top to bottom to take it to a professional level. By insuring proper structure, enhancing character arcs, scene tightening, formatting & story flow; bringing your story to life and making it feel even more believable. Her goal is to ensure you love your work and feel comfortable showing it to industry professionals.

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Before Debi critiques your work, she reads your script to make sure it's something that is marketable and if it lends itself well to screenplay form. This will be done with any service you choose. If she decides to pass on your script, she will be sure to let you know in a timely manner and won't charge you for her time.

Debi will do a page by page critique of your script with a keen eye on everything from formatting, structure, dialog, character arcs, and most important of all, a tight and entertaining screenplay that lives up to her standards and one that any writer would be proud to shop.

After the critque and you are settled in to do your rewrite, you will not be alone. Debi will be available via email if you have any doubts, comments, questions or even need a remote shoulder to lean on during your revision process.

Once she feels the script is ready to hit the road, Debi sets you up with two free pitch sessions via Skype™. This connects you with industry professionals through a distinguished company, giving you the chance to sell your idea to the people who can make it a reality. For truly exceptional scripts, Debi is in a position to pass your script along to producers and other professionals. Of course, this does not guarantee your script will get picked up, but it certainly helps you get noticed. From there, it's easier to start building your reputation and network.

Consulting Rates

Screenplay Submission Up to 120 Pages: $300 ($2 per Page Over 120)
TV Script Submission Up to 60 Pages: $200
TV Script Submission Up to 30 Pages: $100

Additional Passes

Screenplay Submission Up to 120 Pages: $150 ($2 per Page Over 120)
TV Script Submission Up to 60 Pages: $100
TV Script Submission Up to 30 Pages: $50

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