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"It's very rewarding for me to see someone I've helped along the process succeed."

About Debi

Debi has been writing scripts for over 15 years. She started with feature films and has a project in development at this time. She has also written a couple of TV pilots both hour and half hour long, one of these scripts has won a contest and is being looked at by a prominent producer. She also has a musical stage play ready for the theater.

Funny story how she started writing. At the Lucille Ball exhibit in Universal Studios a few years back, she saw a script from one of the episodes of "I Love Lucy." Like a bolt of lightning she realized she wanted to do that. So she always feels she has Miss Ball to thank for giving her the inspiration and confidence to start writing, she hasn't stopped since.
Contest Wins
Creative World Awards Screenwriting Contest | New York Screenplay Contest | Reel World Script Contest
The Writer's Group™ | TV Writer Contest | Wildsound Film Contest | Scriptapalozza

Projects in Development
Out of Brooklyn | Listed on IMDB

Debi Calabro

From Debi

"I've been writing scripts for over fifteen years, so I know very well how hard the process is. One of the most important things I've learned over these years is how important it is to have another set of professional eyes take a look at your work.

I've judged many screenwriting contest and when I come across a script that needs a lot of work, I feel bad that this writer spent their money before the script was ready to be shown. It's so important to make sure your script is set to go before spending money on anything from contests to pitch session to sending it to production companies or agencies. You usually only have one shot.

With all my years of experience, winning multiple screen writing contest and a project in development, I decided to share my knowledge to help my fellow writers along this long yet rewarding path. I found that even though structure, character arcs and formatting is important, my strong sense of what works in a story and what doesn't is what makes me feel most comfortable when reviewing a script. It's very rewarding for me to see someone I've helped along the process succeed."