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Writing the Screenplay
If I decide this is a feasible project, we’re able to quote fees for the actual writing of the screenplay which is done in phases. Clients pay for each phase separately and may terminate the process at any time. This insures that clients are well satisfied at each step along the way. Prices for each phase vary depending upon the particulars of the project.

Phase 1
The Screenplay Treatment: 
A treatment is an in-depth outline of the story consisting of a brief summary of each major scene. Typically a treatment will run about 10 pages. Upon completion, the treatment is delivered to the client for their review and changes may be made to conform to the client’s vision.

Phase 2
The First Draft
After client approval of the treatment, we begin work on a first draft of the screenplay. Upon completion, this draft is forwarded to the client for their comments, suggestions, and recommendations. Once again, changes may be made to conform to the client’s vision.

Phase 3
The Second Draft
In phase 3, the screen story begins to come into its own as the first draft is fully fleshed out to include all the required action and dialog.

Phase 4
The Final Draft
After client review and approval of the second draft, work commences on the final draft. Upon completion of the final draft, the client is given one more opportunity to review the work, after which any polish work is done. The finished product is then delivered to the client in MS Word, PDF, and Final Draft formats. Please note, you retain all rights to the work upon completion and recommend registering with the Writers Guild of America.